• De Bilt
  • Bachelor - HBO
  • 36 uur
  • €3.091 - €5.586 (bruto)
  • ICT
  • Solliciteer voor 20 juni 2024 Nog 5 dagen
  • Arbeidsovereenkomst voor bepaalde tijd met uitzicht op onbepaalde tijd
Kenmerk: KNMI 2024-08, Plaatsingsdatum: 30 mei 2024

Extreme high or low temperatures, intense storms, prolonged droughts or heavy rainfall. The Climate Services team of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) collects, processes and analyses surface climate observations. In this role you will contribute to climate adaption by providing hands-on suppport for our team in IT-related matters. Can you persuasively communicate your perspective on our data to your colleagues? Please continue reading!

What will you be doing?
The climate date engineer provides hands-on support and guidance to the Climate Services teams in IT related matters and interact with the departments’ DevOps teams so that new climate information products, such as high resolution maps of urban climate find their way to the Climate Services teams.

In this role you maintain and update the climatological datasets and your effort supports in developing new climate information products, such as pan-European observational climate maps, climate monitoring products and high resolution maps for the Netherlands. You are eager to deliver well-founded climate data products to the climate research community and are enthusiastic about facilitating this from an IT perspective. You work closely with DevOps teams and data engineers and have the opportunity to interact and collaborate within a multidisciplinary environment.

This gives you energy
You derive energy from being a member of an internationally recognized team of climate scientists who develop highly innovative and widely used Climate Services. You have the opportunity to interact and be a part of the department at KNMI that operates at the forefront of Data Technology. Contributing to projects that have a real-world impact on understanding and addressing climate-related challenges is highly rewarding for you.

Additionally, you have access to opportunities for professional growth and development, such as learning new data analysis techniques, working with advanced climate data models, or gaining insights from experienced researchers.
Would you like to know more?

We understand that you might want to learn more about this position. Therefore, feel free to contact Philippe Steeghs, manager, at 06-11591395. He will be happy to assist you!

Our unique task is the gathering of information about the atmosphere and the subsurface and the translation of that information to risks for society.

Would you like to learn more about how we strive to make our high-quality knowledge and information in the area of weather, climate, and seismology operationally available? You'll read more about it on our website.

Meer over de functiegroep Medewerker Behandelen en Ontwikkelen

Door het Functiegebouw Rijk worden medewerkers en leidinggevenden geholpen bij het maken van resultaat- en ontwikkelafspraken in functioneringsgesprekken en krijgt men inzicht in de loopbaanmogelijkheden binnen de Rijksoverheid.

Meer informatie op Functiegebouw Rijksoverheid

Meer over jouw toekomstige afdeling

The department, R&D Observations and Data Technology, employs around 65 scientists and engineers and is responsible for continuous innovation and improvement of KNMI’s data services, from sensor to end-user. The main research facilities of the department are the development lab and test site in De Bilt and the national atmospheric research facility surrounding the KNMI measurement mast at Cabauw, a spring of new knowledge and the focal point of our long-term measurement program to support research into the atmosphere in three dimensions.

Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

The weather is temperamental, the ground moves and the climate changes. For our safety and prosperity, we need to know what risks and opportunities this brings. And: how we can best prepare ourselves. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is the national knowledge and data center for weather, climate and seismology. Reliable, independent and focused on what the Netherlands needs. For a safe Netherlands that is prepared for the impact of weather, climate and earthquakes.

We use our core values - Development, Cooperation and Relevance - to achieve our ambition, both within and outside KNMI, nationally and internationally. We develop our knowledge and expertise and work together to create a single KNMI that makes a difference to society!

Talent as the basis, diversity as the strength
The KNMI is an inclusive organization. An organization that provides space for everyone and uses the strength of its diverse workforce to achieve better results together for the Netherlands. Inclusive means that everyone feels involved and valued; not in spite of their differences, but thanks to them.

Organizationally, KNMI falls under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) is committed to a safe, accessible and livable Netherlands. That is why the Ministry is working on powerful connections by road, rail, water and air. And IenW protects against flooding, ensures the quality of air, water and soil and the realization of a circular economy.


Voor meer informatie over deze vacature:

Philiipe Steegh, manager


Voor meer informatie over de sollicitatieprocedure:

Edith Rijlaarsdam, adviseur Werving en Selectie



Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) nodigt je uit op hun site te solliciteren. Via onderstaande knop verlaat je deze site en ga je direct naar het sollicitatieformulier. Het Rijk hecht waarde aan een diverse en inclusieve organisatie. Werken in divers samengestelde teams maakt ons effectiever, innovatiever en het werk leuker. Eenieder wordt daarom uitgenodigd te solliciteren.

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